Litigation Lawyer NZ

Do you need a litigation lawyer in NZ to assist you with bringing court proceedings or to defend a case against you? Our litigation lawyer in Auckland has the qualifications, knowledge and experience to help you with a legal action brought to a civil court by an individual, organisation or government. Advice from a lawyer will stand you in good stead during tribunal and court proceedings, as they can be complicated.

The Kinds of Cases Our Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Assist With

  • All contractual disputes, including debt, property, construction, business agreements, and insolvency.
  • Commercial litigation related to company rights.
    Issuing statutory demands for unpaid debts.
  • Applying to set aside statutory demands when they are wrong.
  • Negligence claims.
  • Disputes between opposing parties, including neighbours.
  • Emergency applications or injunctions to stop another party from taking specific actions.
  • You may need your commercial litigation lawyer to obtain interlocutory orders.
  • Our litigation lawyer also handles prosecutions and investigations involving the Commerce Commission and WorkSafe.

Other than financial, property and insurance disputes, District Court cases include commercial litigation for under $350,000, whereas the High Court deals with complex lawsuits or claims over $350,000.


If you need a civil litigation lawyer in Auckland or a civil litigation lawyer in Wellington, contact us.